☛ SKTCHD Survey of Comic Artists

© 2015 David Harper and SKTCHD

© 2015 David Harper and SKTCHD

David Harper has launched a new comics site called SKTCHD with a post reporting on his survey of 186 comic artists. This is obviously something I'm very interested in (if a little chagrinned that he beat me to the punch!), and it's really worth checking out.

The SKTCHD survey focuses on comic artists (including inkers, letterers, colourists and flatters), rather than the broader population of "creative professionals" that I'm investigating in my research on work in comics. But focusing on the more narrowly defined group has let Harper build some more specific questions into his survey: for example, he addresses page rates, who pays what, and what kinds of experiences people have had with specific publishers, which is all really valuable information for creators to have.

More selfishly, this will help me corroborate some of my findings and (hopefully) triangulate some of the areas where my data set is weak. The more data the better!

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