New Research Available

Some findings from my research are now available. If you are reading this from a computer with institutional access, then you can check out my newly released article from The Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics, "The Android's Dungeon: Comic-bookstores, Cultural Spaces, and the Social Practices of Audiences." My thanks to the editors and reviewers at JOGNAC. I haven't had a chance to read all of the other articles in this special issue on audiences and readership in comics, but it looks like a very interesting collection of work, so make sure to check them out.

Meanwhile, I've written a guest post for the Comics Forum blog called "Beyond Our Borders: Mapping the Space of Comics." Comics Forum is an academic conference under the directorship of Ian Hague and attached to the Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds. I met Ian when I was in England this summer, and he invited me to write something up for the blog, which is a great space for scholars and fans to talk to one another.

A Burning Hand of Fire

John Gilbert Layton (1950–2011)